Friday, November 25, 2011

Giggle Giggle

Isaac is sitting on the side of the curb after church, his shoe accidentally half off. He gets caught in a stutter and says, "Daddy, could you ... Daddy, could you ... Daddy ..." (Big sigh.) "I'm having trouble here."
I had to crack up when Isaac asked to call Papa and Grama Di on Skype by saying, "Mommy, do you want to call your parents on the 'puter?"
John: Isaac, do you know where milk comes from?
Isaac: Yes.
John: Where?
Isaac: (Thinks for a moment.) I don't know.
John: From cows.
Isaac: Really?
John: Yes, really.
Isaac: (Thinks for another moment.) Do cows get thirsty?
To Elijah, a rice krispie treat is a Christmas treat.
Elijah: "My name is Elijah Luke Kitsteiner Lion Two ... That's how I call me."
Isaac: "We took a plane to Germany. Germany is in the sky."
Isaac and Elijah are conferring about something on the couch. Veronica walks in. Isaac says, "Veronica, did God make castles?" Veronica confirms that yes, God made castles. (Sort of.) Isaac then turns to Elijah and says, "She said He did."
While reading a book one day, Elijah decided to assign names to each of the characters on the page. I was  a short red head, but I agreed anyway that that was probably me. But when Isaac was assigned a chubby Asian girl, he shook his head and said, "Elijah, that doesn't look anything like me!"

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