Wednesday, November 30, 2011

surprise shower

Just a few days before we left for Germany, some of my dearest friends at Incirlik threw a surprise baby shower to celebrate Abigail's birth. 

(Side note: did you know that there are two other Abigail's on Base with the name Abigail Grace? One is my friend Tina's daughter. The other is my friend Laura's daughter. I had no idea!) 

Anyways, when I had to go to Germany earlier than expected, I had to leave before our planned shower. (We use any reason here on Base to throw a party -- including babies after the traditional #1.) 

I finally got some pictures from the event and wanted to share them with all of you. This was a wonderful evening of friendship and celebration. I still can't believe, after all those years, I have three little kids ... and one big dog.

Tina, me, Angie, and Casey

Not sure this picture does the cake that Janet made justice. It was awesome!

Angie & Casey.

The "Welcome Abigail" sign was done with cardboard from cereal boxes. I "stole" it and now have it hanging in Abigail's room.

Me with Rana and Angelica.

Angie and Tina.

A girls' video series Janet said I need to get on board with.

Pretty sure I am eating one of the MANY chocolate truffles Tina made here.

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