Friday, November 04, 2011

GERMANY: Off to Germany

Friday, October 21
Rotator flight from Turkey to Germany went off flawlessly. Veronica took us to the flight line and hung out with us until it was time to board. We were able to be in the "family room" there which meant a TV with cartoons and a huge world map carpet to drive cars on (of which we brought plenty.)

The kids were fantastic on the flight. Abigail barely cried at all, and the boys watched movies nearly the entire time. The only way they could seat our family of five, however, was with four seats together and one across the aisle. So lucky JB got the aisle and I sat with Abigail on one side, Elijah on the other, and Isaac on the aisle across from John.

Three and a half hours was just long enough for JB and I to determine that we made the right decision in not trying to take a vacation all the way back to the USA with three tiny children. The kids did great, but we were relieved that our travel day was done when we landed at about 2pm and were greeted by 30 degree temperatures! Watching parents with young children get off in preparation for a two hour layover and then an eight hour flight which would only get them to Baltimore in the USA was not appealing whatsoever.

We did however arrive in Germany too late for the boys to get naps in meaning that we had some cranky kiddos on our hands by bed time. We stopped at the Commissary and bought some fruit and snacks and a little pizza for dinner and ate together in our hotel room -- which had two bedrooms and a living room. JB took the living room, Abigail and I took one room, and the boys another. I had slept really badly the night before we left due to the boys waking up many times (and JB sleeping through it.) So JB decided to take boy duty. Abigail and I slept straight through the night, but the boys kept JB quite busy going potty and adjusting to their surroundings.

We were on the road by 8am with our two rental cars. JB was in one car with the boys. I was in the car with Abigail. And off we went!

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