Friday, June 27, 2008

A completely stolen blog

I am glad Joia is such a good friend . . . cuz I completely stole this blog and nearly every picture off of her blog. She and I hae a free-exchange-clause in our relationship, so I am not worried. But nonetheless, I usually don't steal this many pictures.

So, as I wrote briefly yesterday, the banquet was yesterday evening. All of the moms got babysitters except for me -- since Isaac doesn't walk yet I wasn't too worried about him. But having sitters made for a really nice evening for all the ladies -- having to chase around their boys would not have been as relaxing!

JB made it to the banquet a little over midway through -- which absolutely thrilled me. After I wrote my blog yesterday, I had a few minutes of a pity party and then decided I was going to have a great time anyways. And I did. Here's some photos from the evening, courtesy of Joia!

Joia loves the babies -- give her a night away from her Keenan, and she'll still want to hold the kiddos! Doesn't Joia look pretty in that color?!

Rob (on the left) was without his wife Sarah who was out of town -- so here's his surrogate date, Philip.

Doesn't everyone look great?! Here's the adorable Jodi (aka, Scrubs' "girlfriend") with her husband Cliff.

Andrea and Erik. They are expecting child #2 in December.

Matt and Tif on a night away from William! Matt did an AWESOME job on their class video. It was awesome!

All of the ladies: Jodi, Johanna, Joia, Tiffany, me, Andrea, Kacey, and Robyn. Kacey and Robyn are interns with the boys!

Isaac is finally getting big enough to wear some of his cute newborn outfits. I have been wanting him to wear this one since I got it! I love it!

JB after his late arrival.

Isaac loves his Auntie Tiffany!

My date for the evening: Kacey, since both of our men were MIA.


Anonymous said...

So glad JB got there Wen. Love those pics. The one of Isaac looking up at you is PRICELESS!!!
Mom H

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendi, glad I could help, since you didn't have nearly as much time/chance to take pictures last night as I did! =0)

TAV said...

hey wendi! glad you got a chance to rewear your stellar outfit! :)
looks like a fun time. love the pictures, joia!!!

Gabbs said...

Awww, Wen...that pic of you, John and Isaac is so great. You and John look SO SO happy in it! I love it!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, great pictures!!!!! LOVE how happy you look with John at your side( and of course Isaac!!) and the picture of Isaac looking up at you with a half smile on his face!! PRICELESS!!!! He loves his MOMMA!!!! You look BEAUTIFUL Wen, with your hair up and your "emergency wedding outfit" on; that was a great buy on your part!!Just so glad John made it to the party!! See how it did you no good TO WORRY??????:) :) love ya, N

Anonymous said...

SO happy for you!
The God we serve is soooooooo cool!
so enjoy your honest prose in sharing your daily journey. Feels like you're next door.
Congratulations and such an encouragement of faith.
Auntie Cone

Jen said...

Oh! How tall are you? I only ask because I'm in the "tall girl" club too at 6'2" ;) Great pics!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! I missed the pregnancy announcement! Congratulations! Looks like you're going to get your twins after all...Irish twins!