Saturday, February 25, 2017

Military Moments (with Amanda!)

I am so excited about a new weekly Blog post from my Amanda. She is going to be doing a "Military Moments" post where she discusses and shares ideas and stories from military life. These posts will hopefully be running every Saturday. If you have something you are interested in sharing with her, please reach out!

Hello Everyone! My name is Amanda Feeser,and I’ll be bringing you a new weekly blog post.

First, a little about me and my family. My husband and I are both from Arkansas and we met at college there. We were married in 1999, and he started seminary in Memphis, TN. We were appointed to a church in Parkin, AR (near Memphis), and we lived there while he went to seminary.

Just before he graduated, we were appointed to a church circuit in Portland, Arkansas. He graduated from seminary while we lived in Portland, and both of our boys were born there. We have been plagued with infertility issues, and needed the assistance of medication to get pregnant with both boys. That’s a whole different story, and an ongoing issue in my life.

Also, while we were in Portland, he was approached by an Air Force chaplain who asked if he had considered the military as a career path. He talked to me about it and immediately we knew this was what God was calling us to do.

Just after our oldest son was born, Ron graduated seminary and we took a quick trip to Nashville so he could be endorsed by the United Methodist Church to be a chaplain in the Air Force Reserves. He went to a lot of training and classes with the military and after almost the first week of his first training, he called and told me he was being led to go active duty. I was excited and pregnant for the second time. So he filled out the extra paperwork, we had the second baby in 2006, and moved to our first duty station in the summer of 2007.

We lived in Colorado Springs for over three years, and then got an emergency move to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey (where we met Wendi!). We were there just under two years, and then got an assignment to Fort Meade, Maryland. We stayed there for four years before receiving our current assignment, which is Moron, Spain. We will be leaving here at the end of the summer and we are awaiting word on our next assignment.

Just before moving to Spain, we took custody of Ron’s cousin and she came to live with us. She was 16 at the time and we’ve loved getting to know her better and having her become a part of our family.

That is our last ten years in a nutshell.

The most significant thing I left out is that we are foster parents with a huge heart for foster children. We have fostered seven children in Colorado and Maryland, and our plan is to move back to the states and adopt a sibling group from foster care. We don’t have anyone in mind, but there are over 400,000 children in foster care in the United States, and that is just horrible. So we will get our home study done again as soon as we have a home and begin the process for what will be the third time getting certified as foster parents.

That’s enough about me for now … let’s talk about the weekly blog post. I have a few ideas already about topics I’m interested in related to the military, but if there are things you want to know about, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll do my best to research and write about what I find.

Have a great week and I’ll meet you back here next Military Monday!

*Please note that content in guest blogs is not necessarily shared by the station manager (i.e. Wendi!)

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