Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hannah's Preschool Class

The 3 & 4 year old class at co-op. Hannah will be in this class for two years.

I am not sure I can ever, adequately put into words how amazing our homeschool co-op is. Every week I go, I am just blown away by the quality of people and kids that fill its doors. We meet 10 Mondays in the fall and then another 10 Mondays after Christmas. It is simply such an incredible time for us. While last year, all of my kids were feeling some growing pains as they got used to the new environment, this year they cannot WAIT for Mondays, and when we aren't in session, are visibly sad about it. 

I am also really excited because Hannah's behavior has really leveled out both at church and co-op. All of her teachers say she is simply doing marvelously.

And yes, of course, she dressed herself int he picture above. A summer dress and blue jeans. Why not?

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