Sunday, February 19, 2017

Girls Rule

It is incredibly uncommon for me to spend time with just my little ladies. But yesterday and today I got to do just that.

Isaac and Sidge were occupied with Dad and Grandparents and so I got to spend the night with just my girls. We all slept in my room for the evening, and then, in the morning, we went to church together and then went to get some Donuts! We also stopped in at the grocery store where we discovered that the Valentine stuffed animals they have been eyeing for an eternity were being marked down 75% as we stood there. Five bucks for each of those big stuffed animals pictured at right. Yes, I was a sucker and caved. Like we have room in our three-bedroom house for those giant things. Ugh.

I did learn that Abigail gets a lot more shy when her brothers aren't around. She really shut down talking to people in church and couldn't go to Sunday School because they weren't there. Of course, Hannah is unfazed by the absence of her brothers and was high-fiving the greeters at church that Abigail was clinging to my leg instead of saying hello to.

Oh, in addition, Hannah has started using the phrase: "What the hunk?" No idea where she got that from but it is mighty cute.

Oh, and while we are at it, one more funny thing. She climbed into one of the dog kennels today. It has a "doggie door" on it, but was pushed up against a wall. Therefore Hannah could swing the door in, but was unable to get out because the door would hit the wall. It was up against the wall to keep the dogs out of it since they had chewed a big hole in one section. Not so fun being stuck in a dog kennel! Good thing I heard her relatively quickly.

It was great fun to just be with my girls, but I must admit it is only half of my heart. Those boys have me wrapped as well. I just love each of my children in such unique and individual ways. They truly light up my life -- even when they are making me pull my hair out simultaneously.

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