Thursday, February 02, 2017

Style classy

Decor is like a mirror that reflects your soul. The personal details that speak beauty to you and bring joy to your heart are pour out in your style showing others who you are. The manifestation of your decor preferences let others see a glimpse of the deeper you. Your romanticism or practicality, your radical creativity or settled elegance, your minimalism or your love for detail...

Allow me to introduce to you to my friend, Anna!

Anna is an Air Force wife and stay at home mom to her 6 years old daughter. She is currently stationed in England and reside in a quaint medical town. She loves to take advantage of every opportunity to discover more of Europe during her time there. She appreciates varying design styles throughout the countries, and take a piece of each home with her. She is a history and interior design enthusiast, and her favorite ways to spend free time are exploring sites from England's past or browsing one of it's many antique markets. When at home, she likes to loose herself in a book.

I hope you enjoy her interview as much as I do!

1. What makes your house a home?
This may be a cliche, but personal touches is what make it home for me. I love monograming, photos, pictures drawn by my daughter, souvenirs picked up on trips. I also love salvaged items; it's so much more personal to me when I've taken an old unwanted item and turned it into something new and beautiful!

2. What is your decoration style and why do you like it?
My decoration style is transitional. It's traditional with a contemporary touch. I lean more towards informal looks, such as the farmhouse style that's gotten so popular over the last few years. I love Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and magnolia Market.

3. What decorating accessories are a must in your home?
Books and textures. Books are so versatile in their utility, from filling bookshelves to staggering the elevation of a display, or simply stacking high on the floor an using it as a side table. Texture I like more than color. I like to keep my color settled and my textures loud. What is cozier than a room outfitted with an array of luxurious textures, velvet, silk, leather, angora... and books!

4. What are your go-to places to find unique decorative items?
Ebay! It's my number one place to look for most of home items. You have so much more selection than just committing to what a store has to offer, and it's a gold mine for finding unique one of a kind items. I'd say half my home is from Ebay, to include the furniture.

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Raquel Bllesteros Martínez said...

My friend, Estoy superorgullosa de ti!!! Congratulations!
Tienes un estilo exquisito!!!

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