Thursday, February 09, 2017

The sky is the limit

Many moons ago, I graduated college with a Masters in Educational Psychology that allowed me to practice one of the professions I'm most passionate about. I had the joy of working with Special Education students for only a few short years until I decided to stay home to care for my first child.

Nine years and four kids later, I have no regrets. I feel privileged to be able to serve my family and be there for my kids as they grow so very quickly and their time at home is so short. However, I have to admit that, once in a while, the part of me that doesn't say mom, tries to make its way out in need to be nourished and explore. And as my kids are getting older, I find myself dreaming about future projects.

If you are at stay at home mom, maybe you can relate. When you have been out of the work zone for a while, you feel obsolete, intimidated, unprepared... You wonder if you still have the brain power you once had and if you will be able to transition from the home front to the work one.

Well, different seasons bring different challenges, but I refuse to believe I can't go back or achieve new goals just because I chose to take a break in my professional career.

These days, I find a new passion in Interior Decor. I love the creativity of it, the personal aspect, the intricate details... So, several months ago, I decided to get more knowledgeable and take online classes. I've learned a great deal and I had fun too! I don't know yet what the future will bring, but it certainly felt good to prove to myself I still have some brain power left, stamina, and determination to pursue a goal.

What is your passion? Have you been thinking about going back to work, going to school or start a new path? With God's help and in his will, we can do anything! So... get to it! You can do it! The sky is the limit!




Betsi said...

I'll go for it, thank you so much :)

Angelica said...

You go, Betsi! Many blessings on your future plans!

Blogger said...
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