Thursday, February 02, 2017

We Bought a Farm: Making Ground Pork

You mean you haven't taken a pig out of your field and hung it up next to the house and then gotten it cut down to pieces like this before your husband calls you in to help you put it in to the grinder to make bags of ground pork? Seriously? Everyone's doing it!

In all seriousness, seeing our meat go from in the field to in the freezer is quite the experience. We have a respect for what our animals do and how they serve a purpose for our family. We treat them kindly and continue to hold the idea that they should have "only one bad moment." The kids will often cry when we process the animals. (Especially Sidge.) JB tells him that he hopes he never loses that. We spend a lot of time getting the meat that we eat. 

Add that to my #ican'tbelievethisismylife moments.

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