Saturday, February 25, 2017

Girl Hair Cuts

***This post contains pregnancy talk.

The girls and I got hair cuts yesterday. My friend from church, Rachel, was giving the cuts. She has a small shop in her house. After years of infertility, Rachel and her husband adopted an amazing little African American infant boy named Bryce. This last year they decided to try embryo adoption. Rachel is about 17 weeks pregnant with TRIPLETS. And TODAY they are announcing the sex and ethnicity of their three babies on Facebook. Can't wait to find out. 

As is always the case, I am encouraging Rachel to be allowed to complain or be overwhelmed with pregnancy with me. No matter how much she wanted these babies, some people have tough pregnancies, and Rachel has been really sick. But she's hanging in there. Would you join me in praying that these babies stick around until 34 weeks and are born healthy with few complications?

First up for her haircut? Abigail. The girls had to stand up for their cuts because their hair has gotten so long. This isn't really on purpose. I just haven't gotten around to getting their hair cut. Abigail has had her hair cut many times, butt his was only Hannah's second cut.

And next up? Hannah Joy!

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