Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Isaac & JB frolic and play (in Utah)

As per the "rules" of my Blog, I don't share that any of us have been on a trip until after it is over. This is just for the safety of our family. 

JB and our oldest son, Isaac, should be home any minute from a trip to Park City, Utah. John is required as a physician to get CME (continuing medical education) hours every year. While we were out of the States, he couldn't choose where he got this as easily, but now that we are home, he wants to try to get all of his hours with the WMS (Wilderness Medicine Society.) 

The last time JB and I attend a conference with the WMS was Cozumel, Mexico in 2009. This was so long ago, and yet, it is firmly engrained in my brain. For those of you who weren't "with me" on the Blog back then, you may not be aware of the tragedy that occurred. While on our third dive in the beautiful waters of Mexico, one of the women in our dive group died. I was the last one to speak to her. I was holding her hand. I still can't think about it without such intense emotions being conjured up.

Okay, I didn't intend to go off on that tangent. If you'd like to read more about that experience, you can do so here. 

This is actually supposed to be a happy post. JB had to do CME. I really couldn't leave the kids for five days -- it's just a little too long for Grampa and Grama to have to watch four kids. But JB really didn't want to lose a whole week with his family. So he opted to take our little Isaac. The idea is that he will take turns taking the kids to these CME events as they are old enough to entertain themselves during a conference. 

Here are some photos JB sent me from their week:

They got to visit the Olympic village!

So fun!

Remnants of the olympics!

JB caught up with his childhood friend, Craig, who lives in the area, and the three of them went to ride snow tubes together. For our rollercoaster-loving boy, this was great fun. 

Here's a video of one of Isaac's two rides.

We had to come up with a lot of things for Isaac to do during the conference. I sent him with a lot of schoolwork, and also a lot of coloring pages. He is really obsessed with jelly beans right now.

He is also, as I just mentioned, a huge fan of roller coasters.

Here he is, all set up to entertain himself during the conference.

I love how he wrote "bean boozed" instead of "Bean Boozled."

Two of my favorite men in the whole wide world!

I love how much my husband adores his family. I love that he wanted to take his son and share this adventure with him. I love that Isaac got his daddy to himself for five whole days.

But I especially love that they are almost home!

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Laura Dunham said...

So happy he got to spend some time with Craig!