Monday, February 27, 2017


 While Isaac was out-of--town with JB, we got to attend a Valentine's Day party for our homeschool co-op. Truly this co-op "has my back." When I am home and feel lonely or feel that I can't homeschool or that I'm the only one doing this, I think of all my wonderful Heritage Home Scholars peeps, and I just feel that I have an army behind me.

I especially love that my kids don't miss out on anything with this group in our corner. Anything a "real" school does, we do too -- like a Valentine's Party. So fun! Thank you to my friend Kristin for sharing these pictures with me. 

I love that older siblings will help out with younger kids without blinking an eye. The co-op goes all the way up to high school, and these are some of the nicest kids you can meet. You very rarely see one stuck in their phone. They are instead out and participating with the group.

Love this picture of my blondie.

Playing on the playground.

Taking turns dropping candy in each of our friends boxes.

Decorating their Valentine's boxes. I misunderstood the directions and thought we were supposed to decorate our boxes at home so we came with boxes already done -- actually made it a lot more peaceful for me.

Sidge loving the playground.

Hannah preparing to tackle the slide.

This kid really missed his brother! But he had a great time at the party.

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