Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Bookend kids

I often find difficulty in painting my children adequately for my Blog readers. Many of you know them in person, and therefore picturing them is easy. But if you have never met them, a mere set of words or photo doesn't necessarily sum this up.

This video below makes me smile so big every time I watch it. We have been talking to Isaac about the fact that his three little siblings really want to spend time with him. He is an introvert by nature and not in need of people nearly as much as they are. So he often turns their requests down. But after a long evening discussion with JB and I about the importance of giving people some of your time, we noticed him really attempting to spend time with each of his brother and sisters.

He took time yesterday to color with Abigail which is an activity they both enjoy. He also devoted some Lego time to playing with Sidge instead of just playing in the same room with him. I also thought it was an incredibly smooth move for him to offer to read about roller coasters to Hannah. Isaac loves coasters, and Hannah loves doing anything with you so this was perfect.

But this video so adequately portrays the different personalities of my two bookend kiddos (oldest and youngest.) Isaac is serious. He is an old soul. He only laughs and smiles when it has truly been earned.

Hannah is just silly. She is constantly goofing around and trying to make people laugh. The combo created this video of Isaac attempting to discuss roller coasters (a very serious topic) and Hannah trying to  be a goofball. As always.


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Anonymous said...

So funny. The video captured both of them being themselves!! I loved it. Joni