Thursday, February 23, 2017

Style be-YOU-tiful

I really enjoy interviewing my friends! I'm so grateful that they, without hesitation, are willing to open their homes for you and me, so we can take a peek at their decorating sense and also gather ideas!

One of these friends is Jessica.

Jessica is a fellow military wife and a mom of two. We met in Japan two years ago, but unfortunately as Jessica was arriving to Okinawa, I was getting ready to move again. So even though we didn't get to hang out much, I really enjoyed meeting her. She is one of those people that make you feel comfortable right away, really down to earth and easy to talk to.

Jessica is an interior decorator, so let me share her contact info with you so you can hire her! She is a fantastic person to work with. If you would like to acquire her services, please contact her at:

I hope you enjoy her interview as much as I do!

1. What makes your house a home?
I would have to say that my home for me could be anywhere as long as I have my kids and my husband. Being a military family we have travelled a lot, and honestly, the one thing I miss most is my bed. I know it sounds corny, or maybe I'm just getting old, but there have been 2-3 month stretches of living out of suitcases and you learn you really don't need all the other stuff.

2. What is your decorating style and why do you like it?
My style is Traditional with an eclectic twist. I like the formality and structure of Traditional style, but spice it up with unexpected eclectic pieces. I feel it adds interest and personalizes the spaces.
I like for my furniture to be centered off the focal point of the room and for everything to feel balanced. If it is not, I feel uneasy until I correct it.

3. What decorating accessories are a "must" in your home?
I have several "must" accessories in my home. I always start with a cute rug; from the rug I can build my color palette. Next, window treatments in all the windows to add warmth to the room. I almost always go with floor length treatments in the living areas. As I said, I do like Traditional. Mirror and lamps to follow. These two together really open up a space and make it feel larger. Last but not least, is layering with large down throw pillows and art. This is when I have to be very careful not to go overboard. We live in a small base house with an open floor plan and it doesn't take much to feel cluttered.

4. What are your go-to places to find unique decorative items?
My favorite places to find unique items is by far second-hand stores. whether it be our local antique mall, thrift store, or Goodwill, you just never know what you're going to find, and it's an added bonus that its affordable. I love finding old furniture with good bones and bringing it back to life. it's not just furniture; you can find amazing vintage lamps, dishes, table linens, brass pieces, the list goes on and on. Doing this with my mom and sisters pretty much sums up a perfect day for me.

Thanks Jessica for sharing your home with us! Until next Thursday friends, keep making your home be-YOU-tiful!


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