Friday, February 24, 2017

Quick Glimpse

Isaac has warmed up to the idea of me recording him playing piano. Here is a song that I've enjoyed listening to him play.

He's now been playing for about 1.5 years and simply gets more in love with the piano every single day! We are so thankful for his teacher and how wonderful she is. She has put Sidge on a different book track so that he doesn't feel he is "behind." And it is also works better with his more analytical brain. In addition, Abigail is now taking beginning lessons, and she is just so stinkin' cute learning to play.

Oh, and just because I want to prove I'm "doing it", this second video is me playing Swan Lake. I am actually going to play at the kid's recital this year. I feel that if I am making them do it, I should do it too! I also think it is a good way to show that our teacher can teach an old grown-up like me.

Speaking of old, I turn 40 in May. Forty!

I think nearly every day that I should just quit because I don't have time to learn piano, but then I remember that this is good for my brain and that it is also helping me to "stay with" the kiddos a bit as they practice. Isaac has WAY left me behind at this point, and Sidge is on his way.


Nancy Gritter said...

Wendi, you are really good!!!! I am impressed! I think it is awesome you are taking the piano and YES, it good for your brain and its good for your heart!( the part where you do something just for YOU!!) And that is awesome that you will play for the ballet!! I look forward to a video of you playing and Abigail dancing Swan Lake! Keep up the good work! And Isaac was so good! I like his dynamics! I LOVE to watch his hands/fingers; he is so good!!I look forward to seeing you both get better and better and having FUN in the process! :) N

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Nancy I'm going to play at the piano recital ... not ballet :)