Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Mom Confession

Can you tell which water bottle belongs to my kiddos?

I LOVE my children. I would do anything for them. Anything. Well, anything except let them drink out of my water glass.

I decided, early-on in motherhood, that I didn't want to share drinks with my children. There were just too many things floating in it, and it wasn't worth it. If we are out, and they are thirsty and don't have water, I will let them drink out of my glass, but then I don't drink out of it again.

It isn't their spit that bothers me. It is what happens to the liquid I am then ingesting.

The other day we went to a Valentines Day party with our co-op. I grabbed a water for the girls to share, a water for Sidge, and a water for me. Can you guess which one belonged to the girls based on the picture above? I mean is that not absolutely disgusting or what.

I love my children. But I do not love backwash.

Confession complete.

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