Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I just want to shop like a real girl

I have spoken openly on my Blog about being tall. I don't really mind being tall. It is what it is. And I've mostly come to terms with it. (Conversations like this one and this one can still bug me royally.)

But finding shoes and clothes ...


I've written Blog posts on where to shop when you are tall. I have found places I can buy things. But they are all online. And the offerings are often slim.

And sometimes a girl just wants to run run into a store and find something to wear.

So this past month I had two fairly significant clothing conundrums I thought I would share with my Blog readers.

Conundrum #1

I have a wedding to attend this weekend, and I realized two months ago that I do not own a dress. (Actually I own two ball gowns but these seemed extreme for the occasion.) I have one skirt. But I figured I should probably try to own at least one dress. So back in the middle of November, I found a dress at Alloy. I ordered it. And it still hasn't arrived.

I have spoken with the company at length. They've apologized profusely and gave me a coupon. (That doesn't help my current predicament in the slightest.) And it doesn't change the fact that they had a glitch with their ordering system and I am less than a week from the wedding and do not have anything to wear.

Now I am supposed to leave for this wedding in just a few short days. The dress is due to arrive tomorrow ... two days before I leave. If it doesn't fit, I have absolutely no idea what to do. Nice people will tell me to try the tall girl section at a certain store. (Tall is for people with a 34" inseam. I am a 37" inseam.)

(In addition, we don't really have very many stores down the street from us here at the farm.)

So hang tight with me folks. I plan to let you follow this dress saga with me through my Blog. Let's see what this dress looks like. Let's see how it fits. Let's see if it actually shows up on time.

Fingers majorly crossed!

Conundrum #2

I want a pair of girls rain/mud boots for the farm.

Is that so much to ask?

I don't want a pair of big ol' man boots that slip around on my foot and leave me feeling not-even-close-to-lady-like.

I scoured the internet. Could not find a single pair of boots in size 13 women's anywhere.

But I finally found a pair of men's lime green narrow-running boots. No idea why a man would order a pair of lime-green boots, but there they were. I ordered them.

I plan to let you know how those fit too!

Check back soon!


Momma, PhD said...

I do Zappos for shoes because I have a wide foot, really high arch, and wide calf. They have a huge selection and offer free shippings AND free returns on everything. So I can order a bunch of stuff and send back what doesn't work.

It does look like they have a few options for rain boots in Women's 13.

Amazon also had some of their shoes/boots that offer free returns. Also looks like they have some nice patterns in Women's 13.

As for dresses- I often use Nordstrom online. Not cheap, but again they offer free shipping and free returns- so there's no risk or expense to trying stuff on. I don't see any option specifically for "Tall" but there may be some dresses that would work.

Another option that might work for you is SmartGlamour.com they offer everything in every size and customizing measurements (like length) is a nominal fee.

Not sure these would work for the wedding, but maybe for future reference?

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think that someone reading your blog has all the talent to begin creating beautiful outfits for tall women. This is a market that is apparently wide open for someone to chase after.

Julie E

Jill Goryca said...

I've gotten dresses online at Lands End and Long Elegant Legs, which were somewhat pricey, but I waited for a sale.

I've also made myself dresses, based on ideas/styles from Long Tall Sally, which is really expensive and based in the UK, but they have great pictures.

It wouldn't help immediately for the wedding, but I'd be willing to make a dress for you, if you had a solid idea of what you wanted. I just got a serger, so I can sew with knit fabric now.

~Jill G (WWOFER Dawn's sister)