Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Review: Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories

Bedtime Read and Rhyme Bible Stories by Bonnie Rickner Jensen offers more than 90 stories from the Old and New Testaments. Each are told in a beautiful rhyming verse and then an additional little Bedtime Prayer to help young readers grasp and apply each message. 

This is a hardcover book with amazing illustrations by Robert Dunn. The pages are colorful and captivating. 

To share just one of the stories, on page 81 is the story of "Samuel, God's Good Listener". The scripture reference is included and then the rhyme is presented:

Hannah loved Samuel
With all of her heart.
She knew he was chosen 
By God from the start.

So while he was only,
A very young boy,
He went to serve God,
And it gave Hannah joy!

The poem continues on and then the prayer is presented: Dear God, thank You for giving me the Bible to read. It's filled with Your words for me!

This book is wonderful! A strong review from me!

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