Monday, December 19, 2016

We are home

We are home. All of us. All six of us slept under one roof last night.

I have learned so much during the last week of my life. I've learned that our plans are always temporary. I've learned how to appreciate what I have. I have also been made aware that Isaac was always supposed to be in our family. Sitting at a restaurant without him just isn't the same. Kissing the kids to bed at night feels wrong when he isn't in the middle of them.

So many more things too. I'm working them all out in my mind and will be sharing more on the Blog in the days to come.

For now, we thank the Lord for our little boy and continue to pray for his health as we figure out how to help him live the best life he can.

Thank you for all the thoughts, well wishes, prayers, and encouragement. We could not have done this without all the wonderful people in our life who make up our "family."

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