Saturday, December 17, 2016

Fourth night?

We are praying and waiting right now to see if Isaac can go home today or not. His numbers this morning looked like this:

You can see the Pulse Ox on the right. We want them to be in the high 90's at least, and we were all jumping around the room to see it hit 100. This affects his heart rate (shown at left) as his heart doesn't have to work as hard if his Pulse Ox. is good. The doctor felt good we'd go home today, and then throughout the day, his numbers have gone back down into the low 90's. We are currently waiting for the doctor to see him again around 3-4pm and make a decision for the evening.

People have asked me what is happening. The best way I can describe it is that Isaac's lungs are sick, and they are trying to get better. They are getting better. But they are still healing. So getting the final nod that he is well enough to go home is what we have to wait for.

In the meantime, we've had some fun the last few days:

Isaac with a present from his Uncle Rob and Aunt Sherrie! He loved how soft the dog was. Thank you guys!

We bought the keyboard up to his room. They moved his pulse monitor to his toe so he could play a bit.

And I had a special delivery! I have been scouring the internet trying to find a pair of boots that didn't look manly. When you have to wear guys shoes, this is hard to find. I finally found a pair of men's size 12 lime green boots that I think look outstandingly bright and cheery! They are, as is often the case, a bit too wide. But I'm loving them!!

Right now the three kiddos and I are at the house. A wonderful homeschooling gal, Hannah, came by for two hours to play with the girls so I could catch up on dishes and laundry and maybe a nap (probably not). Joni is now flying back to Florida. I took her back to the airport this morning. Our WWOOFer takes Saturdays off so Dad is taking care of the animals, and Grandma Kit. is at her house with another nasty cold. Not great timing but she did think she could manage dinner for us.

We've been so blessed with everyone who is reaching out to us offering their love, support, and prayers. We are blessed that this happened while JB was off of work. He had taken off this long weekend so he and I could go to a wedding out of town. We had to cancel that, obviously, but he doesn't have to return to work until Monday evening. Praying that we can get Isaac home and well by then!

P.S. In addition to all that is going on with Isaac, I have gotten word that my mom's dad who lives in Michigan is having failing health. We don't have all the details, but the doctors think his body is saying that it doesn't have much fight left in him. If you could pray for my grandpa John and his wife Dolores, that would be great. There is a bad snowstorm in the area they live right now so even if I wanted to go, I couldn't. We will see what the next few days hold and whether I consider a trip up there. So many things going on.

P.S.S. In the midst of your prayers if you could add (1) finding my keys. Can't find them anywhere (2) our dishwasher and microwave oven appear to have both broken on the same day? A prayer that they aren't as sick as they appear to be!


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