Saturday, December 03, 2016

Saturday Smiles: "Auntie" Bri babysits

My cousin Briana (She is actually my cousin Ryan's wife!) came into town to visit us for the week. Lucky here, the first morning she was here, I had to take Abigail to ballet and she was left in charge -- fresh off the boat! She took a few pictures of Hannah in all her glory!

Here's Hannah hiding in "Hide-n-Seek"

And here she is hiding until she realized that she could see the movie the boys were watching downstairs through the mirror on the wall. So she's hiding but watching a movie at the same time.

And here she is when Auntie Bri told her that she had to sit in the kitchen while she ate. Little Miss Hannah decided she would sit "technically" in the kitchen while "technically" doing it her way at the same time!

And here's a quick pick of Abigail before we left for ballet that morning. She is looking so old and is starting to put together some "stylish" outfits. 

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