Thursday, December 15, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Morning with the Chickens

So the big news around these parts? Grama Joni is here!!!!! We are absolutely ecstatic to have her with us. She makes us so happy! On Wednesday morning we took her out to see the chickens. Here are some fun videos and pictures of our current flock (of about 76 chickens).

Interesting how our first year birds all seem to hang out together.

This is our newest WWOOFer, Jacob! We really like him!

Sidge is feeding one of our roosters by hand. We accidentally got some roosters in our last batch and we are hoping they can behave and stick around. As long as they don't attack humans, they get to stay.

Sidge has an absolute GIFT with animals. He loves them so much and they bring him so much joy.

This one really doesn't look like joy. Ha!

Jacob with one of the chickens.

Sidge snuck in this photo to hug one of the chickens.

Joni getting in on the action!

Isaac isn't into farming that much but he absolutely LOVES the chickens.

Sidge is still figuring out how to smile with braces.

Checking to see if there are any more inside their house coming out.

Three of our 2nd year birds.

This one got a good flap on Hannah and brought on a lot of tears.

Heading home.

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