Friday, December 16, 2016

Staying a third day

Isaac with a delivery gift from our friends the Hightowers.

Hey everyone. We just got word that Isaac has to stay a third night. Your prayers and encouragement and love are so helpful right now. We are all doing well, but are all hitting a bit of a wall -- especially this mom who can get a little emotional in general. Isaac isn't really a fan of visitors -- he feels a little embarrassed we think of all the equipment he is hooked to, and in general he is just a very private and shy kid. But he LOVED the delivery he got from a family we love dearly, and he loves hearing from people even if he doesn't see them in person.

We also greatly appreciate the visit from David Scott with our church last night. It felt so wonderful to be remembered. 

I'll keep updating. KEEP PRAYING! He is getting better but is still dependent on oxygen.  

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