Friday, December 16, 2016

Isaac update

Hey all ... quick update on Isaac.

Joni stayed with Isaac until about 6pm last night. I then replaced her and spent the night. Isaac and I both actually got some good rest as they removed his IV which was beeping continually and not allowing him to get comfortable. JB came in and replaced me this morning around 7am. And Joni and Sidge are on their way up there now to hang out with him. Grampa and Grama Kit. have also been so helpful with helping with transportation or watching other kids or baking cookies. :)

Isaac's stats were better this morning but not ideal. We are waiting for the doctor to round at midday and let us know if he can go home today or if he needs to stay another day. I will keep you posted.

As for how we are doing, we are all doing really well all things considered. People have asked what they can do. Isaac really isn't up for visitors. Mainly we think just his shy and private nature means he feels a little embarrassed when people see him with the oxygen piece and all the wires and it just reminds him he wants to be home. Truly just knowing people are praying is all we need. We are able to tag out enough between the five adults here to get sleep. And we have a GREAT WWOOFer here right now as well. Thank goodness JB wasn't working during this stretch. That helped a lot as someone is required to be with Isaac at all times. (And we wouldn't want him by himself even if we were allowed.)

Again, I am learning so much. I am learning what it is like to have a child sick and what parents need when their child is in the hospital. Financially, we will be fine, but we have a very high deductible and that hangs over you. I can't imagine that hanging over you and not feeling like you could pay it. In addition, trying to eat well and make sure your other children are given the correct attention is also very difficult. So many things you take for granted sort of go out the window.

I will continue to update. Right now, the biggest thing you can do is PRAY that his stats continue to improve and that he can come home!

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If only affordable health insurance could be for all!