Saturday, December 24, 2016

Celebrating with the Huismans

I only have one sibling and his name is Keith and he is two years younger than me. He is married to a wonderful gal named Adrienne "AD" and they have three great kiddos: Charleigh (7), Baylee (5), and Riddick (1). They came up for almost two weeks this Christmas. In addition, we were able to fly my parents in for a quick four day stint in the middle of their Christmas here with us. Here are some fun pics of our first week together. We celebrated Christmas today -- Christmas Eve -- since JB works on Christmas Day.

AD's Grama Betty Holland gave me this apron for Christmas. I actually, surprisingly, LOVE it! :) What have I become?

Our models: Abigail and Baylee

Every time the kids come they love to play "Windmaker" which is where they pretend their bikes are a restaurant.

Hannah so excited to see her Papa and Grama Di

Grama Di painting Hannah's nails

My Dad with all the grandkids (minus Riddick who was taking a nap)

We celebrated Christmas on the 24th because JB has to work on Christmas day. Here are all the kiddos eating some of the extra cookies we made for Santa and watching a Christmas cartoon.

Christmas morning (okay the 24th!) 

Abigail has never really been into babies or dolls and she just LOVED this horse from her Big Keith and Aunt AD

We give the kids four gifts: one for the mind, one for their body, one for their soul, and one for their spirit. Isaac and JB are looking at his book for his mind: two books on composers.

Abigail got this dress from her Uncle Eddie and Aunt Katie. So pretty!

We took some time to tour the farm. It's been a little cool and a little muddy, but there have been some periods we can get out.

Walking in the mud.

Feeding the pigs.

That's our brown Mama: Cinnamon checking on her six little babies. (We think we already have at least one of her six sold.)

These kiddos LOVE to play together. They get along so well. What is fun is that Keith and AD's two girls: Baylee (left) and Charleigh (middle) can switch between playing with different kids. Charleigh switches between the boys and Abigail. Baylee switches between Hannah and Abigail.

Feeding our five rams.

Feeding the 17 ewes and one male (Admiral)

That's Admiral that Baylee in the pink coat is feeding. Lucky guy!

Sidge and Charleigh. These two are really good buds!

SO sweet to hang with cousins.

Hannah is moving in.

And she sneaks in.

Time to collect eggs.


Sidge giving Charleigh the lay of the land.

Charleigh holding her first chicken.

All the kiddos eating lasagna. (Minus Riddick. He takes two naps still. He just turned one this week.)

Charleigh made bracelets for everyone.

Great shirt from Papa and Grama Di.

Papa and Grama Di gave Charleigh a basketball.

Baby Riddick who is very close to walking.

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Nancy Gritter said...

Merry Christmas to all of you!! It was great seeing the pictures of everyone together on the farm!! Looks like alot of cousin LOVE!! We are experiencing that here too!! Having a great week with all the Grands and their parents here...and perfect beach weather as well!! SO MUCH FUN!!! Happy New Year to all the Kitsteiners! Both sets of folks too! Love, Nancy and Tom