Monday, December 05, 2016

The First birthday party I sat down for since I became a mom

I have attended a LOT of kids birthday parties -- both before and after I had kids. 

However, one thing is for certain, once I had children, those birthday parties became ... well ... work.

Here's the reason. First I had two baby boys nearly at the same time. You can't take two babies to a party and expect to chill out.

And then I had Abigail who was SO shy that in order for her to participate I had to participate with her. Until she turned five, Abigail required me to be present with her every single second.

But in the last year, Abigail has come out of her shell. She is so incredibly different now. And so about two weeks ago, I was able to attend our friend Hazel's third birthday and sit and WATCH the party. I even checked Facebook a few times during the party. I was actually sort of just RELAXING!

Here are a few snaps from the event:

Isaac was still in his cast, but that didn't stop him from playing. The party was at a local gymnastics place where you could play on the equipment and then have cake and food afterwards!

My once little shy girl playing WITHOUT ME!

And of course Hannah has never really needed me. She ran off on her own in just a few seconds. 

This is Kristin. She attends our homeschool co-op and our girls go to ballet together. She is becoming a very good friend to me, and is just a beautiful Christian gal.

My four kids! All just playing WITHOUT ME!

Look at this little gal just playing!!


The party crew. The birthday girl is sitting next to the little boy in striped pajamas on the front row. (It was a "pajama party."

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