Friday, December 02, 2016

BOI Update

I wanted to let all of my Blog readers know of some developments with Because of Isaac. One of our couples: Chris & Renae had to withdraw form their adoption. Due to a job emergency they were forced to changes states which is a huge issue in adoptions. They have decided to just stop the process for now. We are very sorry to see them have to withdraw, but they have one adopted daughter already and we are blessed that they are finding peace with their little girl.

In addition, Ryan and Briana Huisman, who had raised all their required money for their adoptino through Bethany Christian Services, have decided to change to another agency which costs more. Their agency in Colorado has had very little movement, and after waiting three years, they really can't see that their adoption story is anywhere close to coming to a close. They have thus decided to take their application to another agency that is moving much faster (but is quite a bit more expensive.)

We at BOI have decided to help this amazing couple continue to fundraise. The amount they need seems daunting -- $17,000 -- but we know that God is quite possible.

I ask that you consider a first or additional donation for this amazing couple. They have gone through so much heartache (including finishing "2nd place" in two adoptions that they thought might close this chapter on their story.) They truly just want to be parents, and we truly just want to help make this happen for them. 

We have not updated the BOI page yet, but you can view their profile here.  Please send any donation to: 

Because of Isaac
875 Pilot Mountain Road
Bulls Gap, TN 37711

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