Thursday, December 15, 2016

Update on Isaac

I have shared this via text with a few of you and on Facebook but wanted to include it on my Blog. I will fill in with more details later, but for now, I'll quickly say that Isaac was admitted to the hospital last night with what basically is an asthma flair up. He has never been officially diagnosed with asthma, but has used an inhaler periodically. (In addition, food allergies and breathing issues also go together in children.) 

He was having difficulty with his breathing all day yesterday, and around 7pm last night, JB thought it was problematic enough to drive into our "big town" of Greeneville (30 minutes away) to get him some steroids. While he was gone, Isaac started having more problems. I called JB and we decided to bring him to the ER. After some IV steroids and breathing treatments failed to help his raspy lungs, it was decided that he should be admitted. Here is a photo I snapped of him right after they successfully got the IV in (on the second try). What a trooper.

Unfortunately, it was just determined he needs to stay a second night. So the other three kids and I decided to take Joni up to the hospital:

Right now, Joni is at the hospital with him. JB stayed last night, and I will do tonight. Grampa and Grama are currently watching other three kiddos so JB and I can get some rest.

We don't really know what caused this. JB said it can be weather or a cold we don't know about or anything like that.

I have never had a child hospitalized before, and as I often try to do in my life, I am using this as a learning experience. I am learning how hard it is to have a child in the hospital and what I need as a mom during this time. I am coming to understand what it does to a family and what it does to the children who are not sick.

In addition to the fact that Isaac is in the hospital, JB and I had planned a weekend away. We were going to drive about six hours to attend a friend's wedding. We have had to cancel that trip. (Although my dress did come in and it fit beautifully. :( We know this is the right decision, and Isaac is totally worth it, but I am still disappointed to lose that away time with JB and to miss Molly's wedding.

I will keep everyone updated. Please keep praying for Isaac. He is doing really well -- he is just tired and wants to come home really bad.

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