Sunday, July 17, 2016

Our Little Lady Turns Five

Our little lady Abigail, somehow, turned five years old today. Here is a video of us singing while Isaac played the piano. Papa and Grama Di were in town visiting! It was so wonderful to have them here for such a big occasion:

Here are a few snaps of Abigail that I have taken in the last few days and really love:

With her puppy Arabelle

Opening one of her presents. We opened a few presents over the course of a couple of days and are going to go swimming at a hotel pool for her birthday (her choice of activity instead of a birthday party!)

With a flamingo from Grama K and a leotard from Grama Joni.

With her big brother.

With me getting her nails done for the first time!

Her present from Isaac was a bat and ball. Here she is giving it a try.

The words I would use to describe Abigail are shy, and sweet but honestly, the shy is becoming less and less! She loves to wear dresses but play with the boys. She currently wants to be a doctor/ballerina/farmer/head chef. She loves ballet, does Legos with her brothers, and has been asking to do piano. She also never takes a bad picture and has very little interest in typical girls' games (like dolls and barbies and dress-up.) She doesn't like traditional kids foods and will choose raw green beans over pizza! She has her Daddy wrapped around her finger and is just simply one of the most precious children I have ever met. 

She's five. I love her so much. Happy birthday to the daughter I never thought I'd have.

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Emily said...

She is a little darling. Happy birthday Abigail!