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Review: ABeCeDarian Company

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

My five-year-old, Abigail, had a really fun time using the Interactive A Workbook from ABeCeDarian Company on our iPad. She truly enjoyed the program and asked each day if it was time to do her "ABC" game!

Here is Abigail using the program:

And a close-up of the page she is on:

Here is a picture of Abigail's tracing:

What do I need to use this program?
This is a digital, interactive workbook and it can be used on your smartphone, table, laptop, or desktop. 

Can my child do this program on their own?
ABeCeDarian Interactive ReviewsThe program explicitly says on their website that: "Users should note that this digital workbook is designed for children to use with the support and guidance of an adult, the same support and guidance an adult would provide when working with the paper version of this workbook. The digital version includes all of the activities in Level A, including Word Puzzles, Spelling and Reading Chains. The activities are in the same order as they appear in Student Workbooks A1 and A2."

I think that explanation is very important when discussing this program. Unlike some programs that I have tried with my kiddos -- where they can grab the iPad and go off on their own to do their work, this one really requires that I sit next to Abigail and that we dialogue and work together on these problems. This is a tool for me to help teach her how to read!

Do I need to be experienced to help my child work through this program?
The short answer is No! I found that it was very important to have my Teacher Manual next to me as we worked through the pages. This Teacher Manual is so incredibly in-depth. In and of itself, it is a fantastic resource for teaching your child to read. It is 166 pages! It walks you through each and every page that Abigail reached on her iPAD app. and told me what I should say to her as we went along. 

Who developed this program?
This was originally a physical product that the creator, Michael Bend, Ph.D., has worked to put into an electronic format. I actually emailed the company at one point and received a nearly response from Michael himself. He is doing a lot of work on this program himself. It is not perfected yet, but it is coming together nicely, and I really think it will be refined within a short period of time. There are still some glitches and some things that were not quite perfected when we used the program, but I think they will be straightened out very soon.

How can I find out more?
I really encourage you to visit the FAQ page of the ABeCeDarian Company for a complete breakdown on how this program was developed. 

Who do you recommend this program for?
ABeCeDarian Interactive ReviewsI really encourage parents of new readers to start with this program. Abigail is just learning how to read, and this was therefore a great way to help her start reading. I would suggest this program for your children ages 4-5. I would also suggest that you use this program if you have a child that is older and having trouble beginning to read.

How much does this program cost?
You can purchase the app. by clicking here. 

I'd love to see how this program works!
You can check out a free version of the app. by clicking here. 

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

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