Thursday, July 14, 2016


I've spoken out a lot about kids and youth sports on my Blog in the past. I feel very strongly that athletics are being pushed on our kiddos too young and with too much pressure. I didn't start playing a sport until I was 9, and it wasn't basketball or volleyball which became "my" sports. It was softball. 

We have been very slow in getting our kids involved. I did a little tennis with the boys in the Azores, and they weren't into it. We really wanted them to make the decision that something looked interesting and fun. Abigail chose ballet and really pushed to do it so we let her start. Hannah is going to take a class this fall too as she really likes it and it is offered right before Abigail's class each week. 

But the boys haven't really expressed any interest. I've told them that in the next few years we'd want them to try something just for the experience and exercise, but there was no rush.

This last week, while I was watching Wimbledon, Isaac got into it bit and was learning how to keep score. After the tournament was over, he asked if he could try tennis again. I did a little asking around and found a place only twenty minutes from me! (This is UNHEARD of for me. If I drive anywhere it is 30 minutes without question!) It is a beautiful facility with a super nice coach at an affordable price. They were offering a four week camp (two lessons a week) that the boys could try.

To my surprise, Sidge wanted to do it too. I explained that if I paid, he had to do all eight classes. He agreed. On the way there, Isaac said, "At least we know the lessons will be in English this time and we will understand the coach." Good point.

To my great surprise, both boys had a blast. I really think finding the right coach who is fun but organized and good at "herding cats" is important. This guy was fantastic. I am making a real point to just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching or even read my book a bit. I really don't care how good they do as long as they listen and have fun. I'm not commenting at all!

I have to admit though, I am a tad excited. I never played tennis but have LOVED watching it. It would be fun if my boys got into it. 

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