Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We Bought a Farm: New WWOOFers

Bauernhof Kitsteiner is excited to welcome two of our youngest WWOOFers. 

Deborah (left) is a local 15 (almost 16 year old) who is a part of our homeschool co-op. We had about a two week gap here at the farm with no WWOOFer and with broiler chickens, new layer chickens, and new turkeys around and my in-laws headed out of town, we really thought it would help to fill the void. I put a message on my homeschool board, and Deborah was able to fill the need. She has been doing a fantastic job and is eager to do things and do things right. She is very outgoing and boisterous and brings great creativity and personality to our farm.

I always like WWOOFers to overlap with each other if possible, and Deborah overlapped with Maggie (17) who is here for the rest of the month. Maggie and I actually share an aunt and uncle (Ed and Jan). We aren't cousins but we have a mutual uncle and aunt in common. She has a great love of nature and animals and excitedly joined us here on the farm all the way from Oregon. She is soft-spoken and incredibly sweet and really likes kids! (Always a bonus!)

The picture above is of the cookies that they cooked to take over to their "flat" as Deborah has named the apartment. (As one of five children, she is LOVING having her own room for a bit.) When I asked Maggie what foods she liked she said "sweets" and when I asked her what kind she said "all of them." If these girls have a good amount of junk food, they are very happy! We can gladly oblige for the great help they are providing.

We continue to be blown away by all the wonderful volunteers we are getting here at the farm. We actually could not be doing what we are doing without them, and they have made my life SO much easier! There is approximately four hours worth of animal chores to do each day on the farm and the WWOOFers take care of all of this and then jump in and help us with other projects as well.

Such a blessing! We are currently booked here on the farm through October 31, and are eagerly hoping to fill November and December too. If you know someone who might be interested in WWOOFing here, please click this link for more information. There are no requirements except for being a kind and helpful person who is not too annoyed with children. :)

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Very fun read Auntie Jan (whom you share)! :)