Saturday, July 30, 2016

Our Camper!

When we were overseas, we started dreaming with our kids. They had lived all over the world, but we hadn't seen very much of our own country. We told them that when we got back to the USA, we would start taking trips around America. 

It was Sidge who got it in his head that we should do this in a camper. JB and I just sort of nodded and smiled, but he kept at it and told us he wanted to see America in a camper. 

When our family of 5 turned into 6, a very frustrating thing happened. We were no longer allowed to stay in one hotel room. Hotel rooms only allow 5 people. For a bit I was able to request one room based on the fact that I could still call Hannah a "baby." But I can't do that anymore. This means that anytime we stay in a hotel it costs us at least $150 because we have to get a suite or two rooms. When we started looking at used campers, we realized that for about the cost of two two-week vacations  in a hotel room, we could buy a camper.

We've kept our eyes open since we came back to the USA. We were determined to find one that slept six pretty comfortably, and we wanted a used camper. We finally found what we were looking for! Here is our new camper! It is a 2001, and was very reasonably priced. This is a five-year camper for us. If we love the camper life, then we'll consider maybe getting one that fits six BIG people years from now. And if we don't think it works well for us, we'll just sell it. 

Either way, our Sidge is really excited. And so are we! 

USA here we come!!!!


TAV said...

So awesome! Jealous. Are kids supposed to sit in car seats when traveling in one?

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Actually Tara, you can't ride in the camper while it is going. It is towed behind the truck and you have to ride in the truck. We really wished we could have gotten an RV (of which legally, you don't even need carseats I believe) but we didn't want to mess with a motor, etc.

Jennifer said...

How fun! When we go on vacations we have started renting small houses from You can usually find really good prices, and it is a house you are renting so you don't have to worry about kids running and bothering other people