Friday, July 01, 2016

Friday Funnies

A fun video of Hannah showing us her ballet:

"Mommy and I have blonde hair. The boys and Hannah have brown hair. And Daddy has beard hair."


Eliza (Current WWOOFer): "Abigail, do you like sauerkraut?"
Abigail: "Well I like sour patch kids."


Me: "Sidge, please stop complaining about doing your 'ABC Teach Me' schoolwork. I'll make you a deal. If you don't complain at all, you can do a 15 minute session instead of 20."
Sidge: "Okay .... Hey mom?"
Me: "Yes?"
Sidge: "Is saying this is the worst thing ever complaining?"
Me: "Yes."
Sidge: "Okay."

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