Monday, July 04, 2016

Have a Kinder Son By Tonight

By Amber Lia

If I want my son to be kind...It starts with me.
As a mother, I sometimes expect my kids to be kind while simultaneously forgetting to be kindmyself.
I tell my kids to share, use words that build each other up, and treat others as they would want to be treated...
And then, I resort to scolding.
I ignore their desire for one more bike ride around the block,
Tug on their arm with the speed of a runaway horse so we can get to the next store on my list,
Glare at them with eyes that convey disapproval instead of unconditional love.
I justify my unkindness because they’re just kids, right?
They aren’t just kids. They are God’s gifts to me. Their emotions, needs, desires, and immaturity shouldn’t be met with a mom who expects kindness but often neglects to extend even common courtesy herself—let alone kindness.

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