Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Funnies

This happened just this morning. I'm headed back to bed. LOL.


Hannah has been calling summersaults "Summer Rolls". She has also been calling mushrooms "mustaches."


Hannah was sucking on a rag while in the shower. I told her not to do that.
Hannah: "I'm not."
Me: "Well what were you doing?"
Hannah: "I was just drinking the water out of the rag."


Getting ready to watch "Sound of Music" with kiddos. Sidge asks "Do you think there will be battles?" John: "Well there are soldiers."


I put on a swimming skirt before going to the pool at our birthday weekend for Abigail. Sidge looked at my skirt and said, "Mom. Your skirt has a rip!"

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Anonymous said...

"Do you just want to say "AHHH'?". That line made me laugh out loud!