Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Funny (Flashback)

Today I decided to flashback to some past "Friday Funnies." Here are a few favorites:

(October 2010 -- Isaac Is about 2.5)

If you haven't ever seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, let me just summarize by telling you that when Mickey and his gang need to solve a problem, they call for "Toodles." He comes with tools that they can use to solve a problem.

So ...

Using the restroom in Luxembourg cost me about 50 cents. After using the restroom, I set up to change Isaac on the baby changing table. While I was changing him, the lady who took my “tip” began talking on the phone in very loud and very fast French. I asked Isaac if he knew what she was saying. He looked at me, looked at her and said, “Hmmmm ..." He paused, looked around and then said, "Oh Toooooooodles!

I’m not sure if Isaac meant this or it was just a coincidence he said it right then, but I laughed hard nonetheless. And so did JB when I told him the story.


(May 2011 -- Isaac is 3, Sidge is 2.5)

The other thing that the boys have been doing has created some great frustration coupled with intense laughter. Here's how it plays out.

Elijah pretends to take something off of Isaac's pants. He reaches over in his car seat, grabs something, and then puts his little fist into a ball.

Isaac then becomes distraught. "Give that back Ewijah buddy. Give that back."

Elijah keeps his fist in a ball as if he is hiding the secret of the world. Isaac whines. Elijah grins. Veronica, JB, and me sit there contemplating how to solve this.

So what do you do as a parent? Instruct the child who took nothing to give nothing back? Instruct the child who wants nothing to not want nothing back?

I ended up, and I kid you not saying: "Elijah, give that to Mommy." He then opened his hand and gave it to me. It was nothing remember. Just pretend air. I then turned and returned the nothing to Isaac who immediately stopped whining/crying and went on about his merry way.

"Fanks Mommy," Isaac says. "Ewijah took that from me."

Seriously?! Where do they come up with these things? And how does a parent find themselves completely playing along to keep the peace?


And here is one of my favorite online AF videos of all times. I watch this a lot just to laugh!

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