Thursday, July 28, 2016

Review: When Mountains Move

I recently had the opportunity to review the book When Mountains Move by Julie Cantrell for in exchange for my honest review.

I want to start by pointing out that I did not have the opportunity to read the first book in this series: Into the Free. I actually didn't even realize it was part of a series until I was well into it.

There were a few things that were confusing because I hadn't read book #1, but overall, it was not an issue at all.

I have two major things I want to tell you about this book:

1) It was an incredibly well-written and had me staying up way too late to finish it as I neared the end. It was very interesting, captivating, the characters were well-developed, and the story-line resonated with me as a new wife living on a farm. (The heroine follows her husband to create a ranch in Colorado.)

2) I had difficulty with the fact that this was a Christian book. The Christian message was really weak and it was so intertwined with Native American religion that I couldn't tell where one started and one ended. Even the ending sort of left you with a message of "This is how I get forgiveness. This is my way." Almost a bit universalist in mentality. I had trouble with this part of the book and this is what really stops me from embracing it fully. Christ, from what I could tell, was never mentioned. I don't have an issue with a Christian book not being blatantly Christian, but when you mix in non-Christian religions, I think the waters can get very muddied.

That being said, I loved the book. It was an outstanding read, and I'd like to see what else Julie Cantrell produces!

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Dianna said...

I read this book, too, and really enjoyed it. In fact, I ordered the first book so that I could fully understand what was going on.