Wednesday, July 02, 2014

35 Things that Irritate the Military Spouse!

This is a funny article featuring things that frustrate a military spouse. I found some of these to be a little overboard (and I definitely wouldn't use the word irate), but a few really stuck out at me after spending the last 7 years as an active duty military spouse.

From the list of 35, these were the ones that really made me nod my head in agreement:

  • Going to a gas station that requires a zip code to pay at the pump. What zip code? The one now, or where we just came from? Did I change that with the bank yet?
  • Acting as an acronym translator for your non-military family and friends.
  • Learning the seat belt laws in a new state. Are the kids out of boosters, or do they need to use them for their senior prom?
  • Finding little inventory stickers on your belongings… weeks, months, YEARS after you move.
  • Having to find another “in case of emergency” contact at your new base.
  • Finding a great hairdresser in a new town. Honestly, finding a good gynecologist is easier.
  • Waiting for orders… so you will know if your life is going to be turned upside down… so you can single handedly find a way to turn it right side up again.
  • When movers tell you they don’t unpack… when you know that is a lie. So you call TMO, and they come back to unpack.
  • Navigating Tricare.
  • The concept of mandatory fun.  Just make it fun, and we will go.  Call it mandatory and no wonder you feel like you are pulling teeth.
  • The Sunday evening scrambles for a uniform piece they can’t seem to find.


Anonymous said...

I think my fav is mandatory fun.....gets my panties all in a bunch every time.

ECA MyCAA said...

Having a list of things a military spouse does is giving me an idea that milso life is fun, chaotic, complicated but satisfying. Isn't it?

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

It is a GREAT LIFE!!! But i am glad to be done with it and take a break :)

Kendra said...

Haha, the Stickers on the furniture are driving Elias nuts, he must remove them as soon as he spots them!