Sunday, July 13, 2014

Morning Snuggles with Scrubby

Managed to snag a cute pic of the boys giving Scrubs his morning hugs. 

As our family has grown, I feel Scrubby has gotten less and less prominence on our blog. But trust me when I say that he is still a huge part of our family. He has quickly adjusted to life in Tennessee. We have gotten him a new doggy bed, and he regularly goes on jogs with me around the neighborhood. He is fascinated by the bunnies that are everywhere in our yard and is also very pleased that there is enough yard for him to get a good run on and play Frisbee with me! In addition, we brought him to get a bath and his nails done from a local lady last week as his nail equipment is still in one of our twelve crates somewhere! We also bought him dog food at SAMs -- a gigantic bag of food that he promptly decided he didn't like. So we've been adding some "pizazz" to his food each morning and evening with whatever is leftover from our dinner. Mixed with hot water and dog food, this spoiled dog has decided it is good enough for him.

Here are my three boys:

Oh and here is a picture of the boys (sort of) with Dad before he left for work this morning. After some delay in his credentialing (just paperwork issues), he is now fully certified and working as an ER doctor at a small ER. He is the only doc on during his 12-hour shift which means he has to know his stuff! The job looks like it is going to be a great fit for him. He works 2-3 days a week form 7am to 7pm or 7pm to 7am depending on the shift!


Shane Jones said...

Wendi, they are growing up so fast. And are both so very handsome. Hope your HHG's come soon.

denise said...

I'm pretty sure that sams has a satisfaction promise even when it's opened if you have the recipes. For any reason!