Sunday, July 13, 2014

You are a hero

When a firefighter saves a life, he is a hero.

When a doctor runs a code, he is a hero.

If a person jumps in front of a moving vehicle or calls the police to stop a robber?


In other words: Save a life? You're a hero.

So, let me ask you mother of newly mobile little one, "How many times today did you save their life?"

I call these years (between mobility beginning and common sense commencing) the years-where-you-save-their-life-nearly-every-minute-of-every-day.

Take a moment to put a checkmark next to each item that you performed in the last week:

Did you:
  • Hold onto a little squirmy body and prevent them from hurling themselves over the side of the couch while trying to "read" to them?
  • Hold down baby with whatever means necessary to prevent her from launching herself over the edge of the changing table?
  • Preventively block stairs so babe didn't climb up them (and come tumbling down)?
  • Preventively do the same at the top of the stairs?
  • Check their crib for random legos or other choking hazards deposited by older siblings?
  • Cut up their food into little pieces?
  • Use every muscle in your body to keep them from slipping, sliding, or climbing out of the bathtub? 
  • Baby proof every outlet, door, cabinet, garbage can, toilet and fridge?
And even after doing all these things, most likely you found yourself dislodging something for your little man's mouth. Despite your incessant vacuuming and sweeping, he found that tiny little princess slipper that his big sister was supposed to put away before bed last night. 

You probably took something out of your daughter's hand before she could lodge it near her windpipe and made her scream like you killed her because she was so mad at you. 
When you drove somewhere, you strapped her in. You kept her from pulling down huge displays at Target. You made sure she wasn't left unsafely unnattended anywhere you went which meant, yes, you figured out that you are able to go to the bathroom while holding her on your hip.

You saved a life so many times today that you truly lost count.

And you wouldn't call yourself a hero.

But remember Mom of child in the years-where-you-save-their-life-nearly-every-minute-of-every-day .... you are a hero.

Don't forget it!

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