Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Get to Know Jesus by Nancy I. Sanders.

I recently had an opportunity to review the book: Get to Know Jesus by Nancy I. Sanders. This book is part of the "Get to Know" Series. Other books in this series include one on David and Mary

And after just spending a few days with this book, I can guarantee you that we will be adding the other books to our children's library.

I was so excited to receive this book. I am even more excited to begin working through it with my children. I think this book is perfect for my 5 and 6 year old boys. I even think my 3 year old daughter will be able to glean some knowledge and enjoy reading it with me. While the boys cannot read this on their own yet, I believe that it will be a great book for us to read through together and really discuss and learn.

A unique biography about Jesus, it focuses on the life and character of this Biblical hero using color photographs, maps, and other visual resources to tell the whole story. Young biography fans (and their parents!) can come to learn more about this man of God and the role He plays in history. It features a bibliography and scriptural references throughout as well.

What is even more fun is that, while I grew up in the church and have spent time visiting Biblical sites in the Middle East, I am still finding so much new stuff -- things that I didn't know throughout the pages. There is so much to learn as a new scholar. But as a veteran, I also find it incredibly educational and intriguing. 

The book and pages are sturdy and colorful. It is well organized with great color photos. My only slight complaint was that a few times throughout the book some of the maps and photos don't seem to explain very clearly what is featured in the image. In addition, I found one error near the end of the book where Jesus' year of baptism is incorrectly attributed to BC instead of AD. However, truly, those are really looking for a problem. Overall, this book is simply delightful!

This is sure to become a favorite for young readers and for first book reports!

BookLook Bloggers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest and truthful review.


carla said...

Hey friend. I am curious if the book describes Jesus as a Biblical hero, rather than God in human form? This concerns me a bit, as I want my boys to really know and take in the fact that Jesus was both God AND man, which is why His sacrifice was so perfect and why we can really trust that He walked in our shoes.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Carla, actually, when you asked me this, I went back through the book to see. It actually TOTALLY teaches God is the son of God. In fact, one who chapter is entitled: "The Son of God" and it has statements that say things like:

"But he didn't just SAY he was God. He showed them too."

"You might think Jesus was only a teacher. That's because you're thinking like a person of today might think."

"Jesus actually lived. He was a real person. Many documents show us this is true."

The book starts off by saying they can PROVE Jesus was real through archeological evidence etc. Definitely illustrates God in the human form.

Great question!!!