Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moving update

So all of our stuff is here. After an intense box counting extravaganza, it appears that ALL of the boxes are indeed here in our home -- they were just badly numbered, not numbered, or the numbers not communicated when they were brought in.

However, the mold is a bit worse than we originally thought. While it is nothing like some of our other military families are experiencing right now, we still faced some damage.

We had a claims adjuster come by today. Apparently, the "minor" mold that is on our awesome king sized bed is not minor at all. The adjuster thought it was pretty bad and said we would have to replace the entire bed and that we should not be sleeping on it anymore. Ugh! My bed! I had been so excited to get that back!

The boys mattresses are also a loss as are our dining room chairs. We also lost a smattering of pictures and wooden trays.

Our handmade Turkish rugs were also hit, but there is someone who can clean these in Nashville.

I also have to wash every single piece of clothing that comes through due to mold/mildew smells. We'll have to dry clean anything that cannot be washed. Apparently this is also reimbursable. I am supposed to keep track of how many loads I am doing and a portion of the electricity costs are reimbursed. Go figure!

We also had about 5 or 6 items that were damaged that they will have to fix including our Turkish desk, an end table, and a picture.

Oh and hardware! We can't find hardware to my desk, the crib, the dining room table and a patio table. Some of these can have the hardware purchased, but some, the pieces are so obscure, it is nearly impossible. So they have to just trash these items and buy us new ones. Seems like such a waste, but no idea how else to do it.

None of these in and of itself are bad but trying to add to your unpacking list is a real pain! Trying to wash everything you own and keep up on normal laundry and trying to assess for mold and move those things out is a lot to do! I can only IMAGINE what the families who had nearly their entire shipment damaged are going through. Our's is nothing compared to that.

But life IS crazy right now. Hannah has a BAD cold, and Abigail is not feeling well. Thank goodness Mom is here to help right now as trying to have a new walker in a house being unpacked is less than ideal.

So ready to get this last military move WAY behind us!

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