Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The lil' sister

A child is totally defined by their birth order. 

There is no doubt that Hannah is a little sister -- totally relegated to going along with what the big kids want her to do.

The other day, at nap time, Abigail and I heard Hannah talking on the monitor. Abigail is obsessed with Hannah, and so she immediately asked if we could go get Hannah up. I told Abigail I wasn't quite ready, but she could go and talk to her for a minute while I finished what I was doing.

Two minutes later, I made my way upstairs. Here is what I found:

Abigail had decided to put every stuffed animal she owned in the pack-n-play with Hannah. (Our crib is still MIA with all of our other stuff.)

But it is also very fun to watch how good the kids can be with Hannah. Isaac is probably the best. He has a natural gentleness about him. He always has. Hannah is very close to walking. (In fact, this video was taken about three days ago, and she has since started taking about four steps at a time.) 

Check out Isaac's own invention for a way to get Hannah to practice her walking. He came up with this all by himself and was so patient with her as she learned. I love his docile spirit.


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