Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Diaper Coupon

My sister-in-law let me in on a great coupon yesterday online!

Want to get two boxes of Huggies or Pampers (giant size) for about the price of one?

  1. Go to Target.com
  2. Search for "Giant Diapers"
  3. You'll get a choice of diapers with a notation underneath them that if you buy 2 packs, you get a $20 gift card.
  4. So already you have saved $20 on two packs, but it gets better. When you go to check out, click on IN STORE PICK-UP and choose your store.
  5. There is another promotional deal for $10 off an order of $40 or more that will pop up when you place the order.
  6. So basically, the diapers were $73.51. I saved $30 with the two coupons meaning I got the two boxes for $43.51. (One box is generally about $35.)

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