Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Garden goodies!

Look what we harvested from our backyard garden:

You know I never grew up gardening, but I have to wonder, why doesn't everyone do this? It is so easy and nearly completely FREE! With food prices the way they are I'd encourage everyone to consider a garden of some sort -- no matter how little land you have. I am really looking forward to getting our farm, not having a baby that I have to stay inside with, and being outside all the time working in the garden. I believe JB has finally won me over to this awesome activity!

Also, here is a video of Abigail with her favorite garden goodie: Tomatoes. I really attribute her absolute love for these tomatoes to my housekeeper in Turkey, Hatice, who would let her eat them like apples. It seemed "weird" to us, but I believe it developed a love in her of tomatoes unlike anything I see in my other kids:

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