Monday, July 07, 2014

Josh & Sarah & Company

From 2001-2003, we lived across the street in Franklin, Kentucky, from my cousin Josh (our dads are brothers) and his wife Sarah. Those two years of my life are filled with such incredible memories. We were all basically broke and living in identical two-bedroom duplexes literally out the door from each other. I worked at the public school in town teaching English and Journalism and coaching Basketball and Volleyball. JB was running his own graphic design business and busy finishing his pre-med degree at Western Kentucky University.

Then, he was accepted at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and life took us far away from our best friends. When we pulled our truck away from that home at the end of 2003, Sarah was expecting her first son.

Well, fast forward TEN years! We now live about 30 minutes from Josh and Sarah and between us there are SEVEN children! What's even better is those kids get along wonderfully and we've already enjoyed numerous get togethers at our house and their's -- making up for lost time.

Sarah is one of my very dearest friends. I like Josh okay too. He is now the head pastor at a local church. We don't know where life will take us in the next year, but for now, we are so excited it has taken us next to them!

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