Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Funnies

Right in the middle of eating a wonderful Chicken Cordon Bleu meal (cooked by Grama), Sidge says, "I want some pancakes?"
Me: "Pancakes? Now."
Sidge: "It doesn't have to be right now. But I'd like to eat some pancakes. Maybe tomorrow?"
That kid LOVES food.


I've been trying to teach the kids about musical composers. After putting the kiddos to bed while JB was working, I put on some music. Sidge came out.
Sidge: "Is that the deaf guy?"
Me: "Beethoven? No."
Sidge: "Oh. Is it George Washington?"
Me: "Bach."

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Papa Coach said...

I have noticed that Sidge is the STAR of Friday Funnies! Must be because my guy Isaac is way too sophisticated to get involved in such mundane matters! LOL!