Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Birthday Party Time!

We had Abigail's birthday party this year at our nearest Chik-fil-A (about 20 minutes from our house.) They let you have it for free and still put down tablecloths, give you cow hats, a free kids meal for birthday girl, and more! It was WONDERFUL! 

We have decided that we may never make our own cake again. Like any party, my goal is always 1-2 hours for $100 to $200! This fit nicely into the budget. For $23 we were able to get this cake made at Kroger AND you could bring in your own image (JB put this one together of all the princesses AND Minnie) and included a photo our friend Linda took of Abigail on the cake. SO easy!

I put out some princess stickers and wonder marker color pages for the kids. Abigail spent a lot of time doing them before the party got started.

Our three year old!

Her new "smile."

Reaching for more stickers.

Kid sister

And I'll just put my foot up and relax a bit. (Notice she only has one bow in her hair. The other one made her angry so she ripped it out.)

Party table! I picked up one dozen balloons at Kroger too.


French fries.

Been trying to put her own cap back on the markers. (It is still a work in progress.)

We had a major breakdown before we left to the party due to her shoes hurting her (they didn't). We were worried this could be a disaster but thankfully, she came around!


Starting to feel the pressure of everyone looking at her.

A bit more nervous.

And this is our "freeze like a bunny" pose. (If I look down and don't move, no one will know I am here.)

But she still blew out the candle!!!

We actually had four families join us for the celebrations -- this was great as you never know when you move somewhere if there will be "friends" to have at your party.

Uncle Ray and Aunt Gabbi with Nate!

More friends/cousins.

Sidge loves food of all kinds -- but especially dessert.

Completely egg-free ice cream!

Cousin MaryBeth!

Cousin Jordan!

Cousin Grace!

Aunt Gabbi and Uncle Ray!

Aunt Sarah!

Ray with Nate!

New friends whom we met through Stebbins -- The O. family is awesome!

Grama with Hannah.

My new friend Allison lives across the street from me. She has a three year old son and baby twins -- and she made it to the party 1 on 3! She's a rock star!

So sweet!

Abigail absolutely ADORES Tyler.

Party is done everyone! Go home!

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Judy Woodford said...

Wow, I can't believe she is 3!!! She is a beautiful little 3 year old!!!